CGS Faculty Resources and Forms

As new information about COVID-19 becomes available daily, it is important to stay Informed by monitoring:

Handbook, Guides, and Forms

  • CGS Instructor’s Handbook AY 2020-2021 (PDF) is a one-stop resource document for CGS-affiliated instructors. It provides a brief overview of CGS and its programs as well as a comprehensive list of our policies, procedures, expectations, and tips related to teaching at CGS. 
  • CGS Guide for Online Instructors AY 2020-2021 (PDF) offers a detailed overview of the CGS online course proposal, development, and approval process as well as a summary of expectations for CGS online instructors based on best practices and standards in online education.
  • CGS G Grade Teacher-Student Contract (fillable PDF) is available to CGS instructors who have students completing a G Grade.

Checklists and Templates

Academic Integrity Resources

College of General Studies Academic Integrity Code (PDF) includes guidelines pertaining to student-faculty academic integrity issues in the classroom and other contexts such as plagiarism.

CGS Academic Integrity Video Series