CGS Program Planning Checklists

Download a fillable PDF copy of your CGS program checklist to plan and track your progress towards graduation. Please note that to complete and print fillable forms you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. 


  1. Administration of Justice, BA (PDF) 
  2. Dental Hygiene, BS (PDF) 
  3. Health Services, BA  (PDF)
  4. Health Services, BS (PDF)
  5. Humanities,BA 
    1. Standard (Multidisciplinary) Track (PDF) 
    2. Pre-Education (English) Track (PDF) 
  6. New Major: Law, Criminal Justice, and Society, BA (PDF)
  7. Legal Studies, BA (PDF) 
  8. Media & Professional Communications, BA
    1. Corporate & Community Track (PDF)
    2. Digital Media Track (PDF)
    3. Writing for the Professions Track (PDF)
  9. Natural Sciences, BA
    1. Standard (Multidisciplinary) Track (PDF)
    2. Pre-Education (Earth and Space Science) Track (PDF) 
    3. Pre-Education (General Science) Track (PDF) 
    4. Pre-Medicine Track (PDF) 
    5. Pre-Physician Assistant Track (PDF) 
  10. Public Service, BA (PDF) 
  11. Social Sciences, BA
    1. Standard (Multidisciplinary) Track (PDF) 
    2. Pre-Education (Social Studies) Track (PDF) 


  1. Administration of Justice (PDF) 
  2. Legal Studies (PDF
  3. Public Service (PDF) 


  1. Accounting (PDF) 
  2. Communication (PDF) 
  3. Community Health Assessment (PDF) 
  4. Corporate & Community Relations (PDF) 
  5. Digital Media (PDF) 
  6. Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies (PDF) 
  7. Information System Design (PDF)
  8. Leadership (PDF) 
  9. Managing Health Services Programs & Projects (PDF
  10. National Preparedness & Homeland Security (PDF) 
  11. Non-Profit Management (PDF) 
  12. Writing (PDF) 
  13. Writing for the Professions (PDF) 

General Education Requirements 

  1. Fall 2018 and Later (New) General Education Requirements (PDF)
  2. Pre-Fall 2018 (Old) General Education Requirements (PDF)