Public Service Minor

Minor Requirements

Students interested in a minor, rather than a major, in public service should apply to CGS once approved by your academic advisor. For the minor, students must complete five courses (15 credits) with at least three courses from the University of Pittsburgh. A 2.0 average is required in the minor.

Core Requirements: (9 Credits)

Course Number Title Credits
PUBSRV 0020 Introduction to Public Service            3
PUBSRV 0030 Public Policy Process 3
PUBSRV 0050 Ethics and Accountability 3


Electives: (6 Credits)

Catalog Number Title Credits
PUBSRV 0040 Public Service Technologies        3
PUBSRV 1100 Practices in Public Administration       3
PUBSRV 1110 Financial Management in the Public Sector 3
PUBSRV 1120 Human Resources Management in the Public Sector  3
PUBSRV 1130 Planning in the Public Sector 3
PUBSRV 1200 Practices of Nonprofit Management   3
PUBSRV 1210 Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations   3
PUBSRV 1220 Human Resources Management of Nonprofit Organizations  3
PUBSRV 1230 Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations 3
PUBSRV 1300 Legal Issues in Public Service 3
PUBSRV 1305 Health, Law, and Ethics 3
PUBSRV 1310 Diversity Issues in Public Service 3
PUBSRV 1315 Managing Projects and Contracts 3
PUBSRV 1320 Geographic Information Systems in the Public Service  3
PUBSRV 1340 Strategic Planning in the Public Sector  3
PUBSRV 1390 Theories of Leadership 3
PUBSRV 1425 Principles of Homeland Security 3
PUBSRV 1430 Trial Advocacy 1 (UHC) 3
PUBSRV 1435 Trail Advocacy 2 (UHC) 3
PUBSRV 1455 Law, Ethics, and Public Policy in the Mass Media  3
PUBSRV 1901 Independent Study 1-6
PUBSRV 1900 Internship Seminar 1-6
PUBSRV 1910 Institute of Politics Internship/Seminar 4


College of General Studies students: the minor would be professional elective course work.
Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences students: the minor would be non-Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences elective course work.