Preparing Your Course Schedule

Creating your schedule requires utilizing and coordinating various advising tools and resources. CGS students are required to play an active role in planning their degree progress, which includes creating a course schedule. Instructions on how to prepare for Self-Enrollment can be found on our Course Registration page.

Here are some advising tools to help you create your course schedule:

1. Refer to your academic plan that you received during your academic advising appointment:

2. Review course offerings and course descriptions on the Pitt Class Search page.

  • The course descriptions website lists all courses offered in a given term. You can search by term, campus location, academic career, subject, and more. Simply select the department, and click on the appropriate term. Once you choose a class section, it will give you a brief description of what you can expect from the course and what the prerequisites are. It will tell you when the class meets and where, and if a recitation or lab is required.

TIP: To learn more about the courses offered by CGS and how to search for them, visit our Courses page.

3. Make sure your course selections fulfill requirements.

TIP 1: Download your program planning checklist to keep track of your progress towards your degree.

TIP 2: If you are planning to study abroad or complete an internship, make sure you also visit the CGS Study Abroad and CGS Internships pages for all relevant policies and approval processes.

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Course Substitutions

Students are expected to complete all requirements for graduation in order to earn a Bachelor’s degree from the College of General Studies. Course substitutions may be approved only in rare and extraordinary circumstances. Please review the information in the following sections to familiarize yourself with our guidelines for requesting course substitutions and to access the CGS Course Substitution Online Form. 

Taking a Summer Course at Another Institution

College of General Studies (CGS) students may get credit for courses taken elsewhere in the summer if the student:

  • is in good academic standing (cumulative GPA at least 2.0).
  • obtains written approval from the Office of the Associate Dean before enrolling.

The course(s):

  • must be from an accredited, U.S.-based institution. (Students looking to take classes at a college or university outside of the U.S. must request approval through the Study Abroad Office.)
  • cannot be a repeat of a course taken at Pitt
  • must be completed with a grade of C or better

Note the following:

  • Students who will have earned 90 or more credits by the end of the spring term may not takecourses at any other four-year institutions.

Complete the CGS Summer Course Pre-Approval Online Form and attach a course description for each course you are interested in taking. If you have declared a major/certificate and you wish to have a course count toward a requirement, you must upload a copy of an email exchange with your advisor in which you are given permission. You will be notified by your Pitt email following our review.

Studying Abroad During Your Senior Year

If you wish to study abroad during your senior year, you need to obtain further approval. Complete the CGS Study Abroad Approval Form (PDF) after you have discussed your intentions to study abroad with your CGS advisor.