Digital Media Certificate

Businesses and media organizations today must create, produce, and manage content for multiple platforms, from print and broadcast to online. Whether you’re an emerging media professional or work in the marketing or communications department of a business or nonprofit organization, you can benefit from training in digital media. 

The 18 credit Digital Media certificate program offered by CGS introduces you to the power of multimedia content—written, audio, and visual—and how it can be used to communicate with and persuade audiences. You’ll choose from a variety of courses in communications, arts, English, film studies, psychology, and political science.

CGS Difference

This certificate can be completed as a standalone program or in conjunction with another degree at the University of Pittsburgh.

Who Should Participate

  • Professionals operating in multimedia environments
  • Individuals responsible for e-commerce efforts
  • People interested in producing content for online publications and sites, films, documentaries, etc.
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Educators

Admission Requirements

Students must meet requirements for admission to the College of General Studies. A certificate application must be completed and returned to the College of General Studies via our online portal.

Program Expectations

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Understand how concepts, design, and technology come together to facilitate communication with mass audiences
  • Design, create, and manage digital communication efforts
  • Understand the importance of visual and textual communication in maintaining organizational success
  • Produce engaging interactive programs and presentations

Credit Requirements

  • The digital media certificate requires 18 credits, including nine (9) credits of core classes and nine (9) elective credits.
  • Students must achieve a minimum grade of C (2.0) or better for all courses required for the program.
  • Credits earned at other accredited educational institutions may be eligible for transfer. However, a minimum of nine (9) credits must be earned at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Course Format

Many CGS programs offer a blend of face-to-face and flexible online class formats, all designed to meet our students' needs and schedule constraints.

Online courses are marked with an (●). Courses offered in both face-to-face and online formats are marked with an (#). Courses with no indicator are offered face-to-face only.

Visit CGS Courses to learn more about our flexible offerings and how to search for classes in the course catalog.

Required Courses: (9 credits)

Subject Catalog Number Title Credits
COMMRC  0320 Mass Communication Proces (#) 3
COMMRC  1122 Media Criticism (#) 3
ENGFLM or ENGFLM/FMST 0355 or 0401/0130 Visual Literacy (●) or Introduction to Visual Culture 3

Electives: (9 credits)

Choose three of the courses listed below. 

Subject Catalog Number Title Credits
COMMRC 1105 Television and Society 3
COMMRC 1125 Media Theory 3
COMMRC 1126 Media and Consumer Culture (#) 3
CS 0134 Website Design and Development 3
ENGCMP  0520  Integrating Writing and Design 3
ENGCMP  0610  Composing Digital Media 3
ENGCMP  1112 Professional Uses of Social Media 3
ENGCMP 1130 Projects in Digital Composition 3
ENGCMP 1201 Digital Narrative and Interactive Design 3
ENGFLM/FMST  0400/0120 Introduction to Film 3
ENGFLM /FMST 1390/1275 Contemporary Film 3
ENGFLM /FMST  1485/1410 Film and Politics 3
ENGFLM / HAA/FMST 1683 / 1820/1540 Documentary Film 3
ENGFLM/FMST 1695/1525 Horror Film 3
ENGLIT  0354  Words and Images (#) 3
ENGLIT  0550 Introduction to Popular Culture 3
ENGWRT 0650 Readings in Journalism: Reading and Writing the Digital Landscape 3
ENGWRT 0710 Intro to Audio Storytelling 3
ENGWRT 1377 Media Literacy: Writing and Reading Your Way Through The Digital Landscape 3
FILMST/FMST  0001/0800 Filmmaking 1: Fundamentals  3
FILMST/FMST  0120/0802 Photography 1  3
FILMST /FMST 0121/0805 Animation 3
FILMST/FMST 0250/0830 Business of Photography and Multimedia 3
FILMST/FMST  0400/0826 Post-Production 1 3
FILMST/FMST 0430/0835 Audio Production 3
FILMST/FMST 0601/0845  Filmmaking 2: Sight and Sound 3
FILMST/FMST 0610/0850   Digital Effects 1  3
FILMST/FMST 1001/1885 Broadcasting 3
FILMST/FMST/ENGWRT 1132/1860/1132 Elements of Screenwriting 4
FILMST/FMST  1600/1846 Filmmaking 3: Story to Screen  3
HAA  0090 Introduction to Contemporary Art 3
HAA/ENGCMP 0425 Digital Humanity 3
HAA  0470 Photography and Art 3
PS  1836 Politics Through Film 3
PSY  1080 Psychology and the Media (previously listed as PSY 1050 Special Topics) 3
SA 0110 Visual Thinking 3
SA  0130  Drawing Studio 1 3
SA 0180 Digital Studio: Photography 3
SA  1270 Digital Imaging 3
SOC 0490 Mass Media 3

Tip: Download our handy planning checklist to track your progress towards your CGS program requirements.

Important: As you plan your certificate coursework, please make sure to review the CGS Course Overlap policy for information on how many courses can be double-counted if a student elects to pursue a CGS certificate in combination with other CGS and non-CGS majors, minors, and certificates. If you have questions, please contact your CGS advisor or CGS Advising at

Requirements subject to change. Check with an academic advisor before registering.