Post-Bacc & Guest Students: Frequently Asked Questions


When is the deadline to submit an application?

Although we do offer rolling admission, it is to your benefit to submit your application as early as possible. Applications take from 2-4 weeks to process in most cases, so if you submit your application less than 2 weeks before classes start we cannot guarantee a processing date before classes begin.

I'm trying to submit an application, but I'm getting an error message stating that my application was submitted in a prior term.

If you have applied to CGS previously, this technical issue does sometimes occur. Use a different email to submit your application and you should be able to override the system error.

I submitted my application but haven’t heard anything.

Please note that applications take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to process once we have received all application materials. Be sure to check the email account you used to submit your application for all communications from our team. Additionally, if you had your transcripts sent to us, make sure that they were not sent to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, as this is a separate office and they will not forward transcripts to us. If it has been over 4 weeks since you submitted your application and all relevant materials, and you have not received an email requesting more information, you may email us at or call our front desk at 412.624.6600 to check on your status.

I uploaded my transcripts, but I got an email saying they were not accepted.

The online application provides a space for you to upload your transcripts. However, if these copies are unofficial, they may not provide the information we need. Be sure that the copies of your transcripts are official, include your current GPA, and show your current student status. If you do not have these, you will need to request that your current/former institution send these to the College of General Studies at on your behalf.

The application will not allow me to upload my transcripts because the file is too large.

Try to condense the file by saving it as two separate documents. If this does not work, you can upload a picture of your transcript as a placeholder. Be sure to then email the file to us at with your name and contact information so that we can match it to your application.

Can I expedite my application?

To ensure fairness, our admissions process runs on a first-come, first-served basis. We process applications in the order they are received, so it is your best interest to submit them early and provide all relevant materials as soon as possible even though admissions is rolling.

Class Information and Enrollment Assistance

What classes do you offer for non-degree students?

Non-degree students admitted to the College of General Studies have access to undergraduate classes at the University of Pittsburgh. To find out what classes are offered by various Pitt schools and departments in which term, use this Class Search tool. This will give you information on class offerings, descriptions, prerequisites, open seats, locations, enrollment restrictions, and more. Visit also CGS Courses to learn more about the undergraduate classes offered by the College of General Studies.

How much do classes cost?

For current tuition rates, please click here.

I know what classes I need to take, but there is no place on the application to enroll in those classes.

The application process is separate from class enrollment. The application grants guest status at the University of Pittsburgh. Once your application is accepted and you receive your username, you can register for classes during the open enrollment period using online self-enrollment by logging on to Your academic advising hold will automatically be removed. As a CGS student, you are only eligible to enroll in undergraduate level classes. For additional enrollment questions, please visit:

I received my acceptance email and logged in to my student portal, but there is no way for me to add classes.

This issue occurs when applicant credentials are used to log in to before activating the student computing account. Please note that your student account will need to be activated before the correct buttons will appear in your opening page. These will arrive from the Pitt tech desk within one week after you receive your acceptance email.

I tried to add a class, but it says I need a prerequisite which I took at another school.

To request enrollment assistance with a class, please complete this form.  An academic administrator will review the transcript you submitted as part of your application and enroll you if you meet the pre-requisites. 

Please note: If you are looking to enroll in Computer Science or Information Science courses, please follow the instructions on SCI's Permission Number Application System website.

When I try to enroll, the system says I have a hold on my account.

There are various reasons a hold may be placed on your account. Types of holds include academic, missing data, disciplinary, high school transcript, advising, immunization, and financial. Students must contact the department placing the hold to have it removed. Advising holds are removed automatically by CGS staff on the date of a non-degree student’s open enrollment period. If your advising hold was not automatically removed after this date, please email us at