College of General Studies Student Government

About Us

The College of General Studies Student Government (CGSSG) is an elected group of students representing all CGS students, regardless of where and when they take their classes. It provides an array of services and programs to enhance student life on campus.

The College of General Studies Student Government (CGSSG)

  • Plans, conducts and supports programs, activities and services which meet the students’ academic, social, personal, career and other expressed needs and interests
  • Serves in an advisory capacity to the faculty, staff and administrative officers of the University in matters of student interest
  • Promotes a spirit of community and identity among students
  • Provides opportunities for personal growth through the exercise of leadership and group interaction
  • Provides for the equitable expenditure of student activity fees, within the parameters allowed by the University policies and procedures 

Do you want to become an active member of CGSSG and/or serve on a committee? Connect with us at Our office is 5603 Sennott Square (5th floor).

CGSSG AY 2023-24

Meet the current members of CGSSG, AY 2023-24, and learn about our standing committees.

CGSSG Fall 2023 Events

CGS Student Government has been busy planning. 
Check out our list of current events!

Study Space for CGS Students

Each term, CGSSG reserves a study space in the McCarl Center for CGS students. Check out the Fall 2023 study space schedule.