CGS SG Announces 2024 Logo Design Contest Winner!

CGS Student Government is happy to announce its chosen artist, Macy Zenier, a senior Media and Professional Communications major, as the winner of the CGS SG New Logo Design contest.  We would like to thank her for all her hard work and effort she put into this amazing image.

This Logo design demonstrates our Inclusivity - All are welcome within our student government. The winner created a stylized/modernized graphic representation of Cathy - a building that has represented the Academic Excellence of our school community for decades. By having our call letters emblazoned on the side of Cathy, rising up above the enclosed circle we are communicating our Leadership within the University.  The slight forward tilt was added for both visual interest and to speak to our ability to always be thinking forward.  Even a small “Pittsburgh Triangle” was placed within the wording as a separator, making every detail of Macy's artwork was precisely planned out.

CGS Student Government initiated the logo redesign contest to actively engage fellow students and foster greater involvement and participation within student government and college community in CGS.

Macy's artwork aligned with CGS SG's values of leadership, inclusivity, and academic excellence, underscoring it's commitment to representing these principles in its work. This contest not only encouraged creativity and collaboration but also reinforced a sense of ownership and shared purpose among students and their governing body.

Congratulations Macy!

Written by - CGS SG Anna Park, '24 Media & Professional Communications Major