Academic Credit for Study Abroad

Your global experience can earn you academic credit and help set you apart from the thousands of applicants employers get each year. Approval for credit must be obtained before studying abroad. PITT's Global Experiences Office provides approval of study abroad programs and sites, and CGS Academic Affairs approves course selection and credits for your CGS academic program (major, minor, and certificate).

To be eligible to apply for a program, you have to have completed 24 credits at Pitt and have at least a 2.75 GPA or higher. Learn more about the application requirements here.

Course approvals must be completed by the end of the term prior to your study abroad experience. Please plan accordingly and follow these steps as getting all necessary approvals can take time.

Earning Credit for Study Abroad

STEP 1: Connect with the Global Experiences Office

Visit the Global Experiences Office in room 802 of the William Pitt Union Monday-Friday, 9:30 AM – 5 PM), call 412-648-7413, email or review for more information on global education programs and course options. 

STEP 2: Talk to Your CGS Academic Advisor

Schedule a meeting with your CGS advisor to review your degree progress and the courses you would like to take while abroad. See below for important questions to ask.

  • What requirements do I have left to complete?
  • What major/minor requirements do I have left to complete?
  • I have copies of descriptions for courses I am considering taking while abroad. Do these courses meet any of my requirements for general education courses?
  • Are there particular requirements I should/should not try to complete abroad?
  • What should I do if I get abroad and can’t take these classes? May I email you for guidance on making alternative choices?

STEP 3: Get Courses Approved

Make sure your courses will be approved for your CGS program or CGS general education requirements. After you have selected your study abroad program and reviewed the courses together with your CGS advisor, complete the online CGS Course Substitution form to secure approval from CGS Academic Affairs. Obtain electronic copies of the syllabi for the study abroad courses you wish to take as you will need to upload them to the online course approval form.

*Study abroad courses for general education credit are approved by the Global Experiences (study abroad) Office. Please consult directly with them for more information about fulfilling general education requirements abroad.

CGS-Approved Study Abroad Courses

Review the study abroad courses that CGS students have had approved to count towards their CGS majors, minors, or certificates. This list is updated as new study abroad approvals are processed. If the course(s) and program(s) you are looking for are not listed in our PDF of pre-approved courses, please follow the CGS study abroad course approval process listed above.