Student Organizations

The McCarl Center in the College of General Studies (CGS) is home to several student organizations:  

CGS Student Government

The College of General Studies Student Government is an elected group of students representing all CGS students, regardless of where and when they take their classes. It provides an array of services and programs to enhance student life on campus. For more information, contact Elisabeth Estes, College of General Studies Student Government Administrative Assistant.

Alpha Sigma Lambda

Alpha Sigma Lambda is a national honor society for full- or part-time nontraditional students dedicated to the advancement of scholarship and leadership. This honor society stresses service to the University of Pittsburgh and the community. The College of General Studies Alpha Chi Chapter is governed by an executive council of elected members who, in turn, elect four executive officers from their rank. To qualify for election, students must have 24 credits earned at the University of Pittsburgh with a GPA of at least 3.25. 

Lambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE)

The American Criminal Justice Association’s Lambda Alpha Epsilon Chapter in the College of General Studies is composed of individuals majoring in administration of justice and/or legal studies. The objectives of the chapter are to improve criminal justice through educational activities; to foster professionalism in law enforcement personnel and agencies; and to promote professional, academic, and public awareness of criminal justice issues. For more information, contact Shawn Ellies, LAE student group advisor.  

Start an Organization

The College of General Studies encourages students to create sustainable organizations that enrich the University of Pittsburgh community.  If you are interested in forming either a collegiate or professional student organization, please visit the Pitt Student Organization Resource Center