Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing

CGS Advanced Standing

Applicants must submit official transcripts from each accredited college or university attended, whether or not it is intended for the courses to be counted toward a degree. Grades for credits transferred are not used in computing a student's grade point average (GPA). All credits eligible for transfer are subject to the following regulations: 

  • Only courses with C or better grades will be considered for transfer. 
  • Courses must correspond with those offered by the University in objectives and content. 
  • The number of credits granted for a given course cannot exceed the number on the transcript from the school where they were earned, nor can it exceed the number earned in the corresponding courses at the University of Pittsburgh. 
  • A maximum of 90 credits may be transferred from a four-year institution and 60 credits from a two-year institution, however no more than 90 credits can be transferred. 
  • All of the credits required for a degree, whether earned in residence or transferred from another institution, must have been earned within 12 years prior to the date on which the degree is awarded.  However, when given evidence that the previous courses still provide adequate preparation for courses yet to be taken and still represent a reasonable part of the total academic program, the statute of limitation may be waived. In such cases, the waiver is for a specific period during which the program must be completed. 
  • Upper-class students (those who have earned 60 or more credits) may not take courses at two-year schools.
  • All transfer credits are subject to reevaluation if a student transfers from one school to another or from one major to another within the University of Pittsburgh or becomes inactive and is subsequently readmitted. 
  • If a course, for which advanced standing is given, is repeated at the University of Pittsburgh, the advanced-standing credit is cancelled. 

For students transferring credits to CGS from local community colleges, you can access the transfer manuals, or Pitt Connection Guides at 

Advanced Placement and Credit by Examination

Students in CGS may also earn advanced standing credits through the following means: CLEP, ROTC, AP, and Credit by Examination. See also our Placement Assessments Guidelines.