Internship Checklist

Fall 2020 COVID-19 Update

Review the University of Pittsburgh’s Standards and Guidelines on Off-campus Academic Experiences for a comprehensive outline of recommendations and restrictions during each of the University’s COVID-19 operational postures (High Risk, Elevated Risk and Guarded Risk).  Both students and academic departments are responsible for adhering to these standards.

Securing an Internship 

Step 1. Find an internship:

  • Start the process at least six months prior to the term in which you intend to complete the internship. 
  • Discuss your internship plan with your advisor to determine how it will fit into your program.
  • Contact the College of General Studies career counselor, Carol Balk, for assistance with resources in locating an internship.
  • For international internships, see also our Study Abroad, For-Credit Internships webpage for further instructions.

Step 2. Research the site:

  •  Prepare any questions you may have about hours, responsibilities, dress code, and clearances.
  • Check to see if you will need to provide a resume, academic transcripts, and/or references.

Step 3. Interview at the site: 

  • Contact the site supervisor for an interview.
  • Discuss the hours, duties, and responsibilities required.
  • Let the interviewer know if you are considering more than one site; the interviewer may be considering more than one student for the position. 
  • Confirm the supervisor has agreed to internship.

Step 4. Follow up: 

  • Send a thank-you letter after the meeting. 

Registering Your Internship for Academic Credit

Step 5. Download and complete the CGS Internship Agreement Form (fillable PDF) with your internship site supervisor.

Step 6: Submit the completed and signed form to your Course Internship Instructor for review and approval. 

Step 7. Register for the internship course with the approved number of credits. Information on course options can be found on the Internship Policy page.

Step 8. Forward a copy of your completed and signed agreement form (via email or as hard copy) to CGS career counselor, Carol Balk.

Note: Your internship MUST be approved by your Course Internship Instructor prior to the start of the internship. If you do not receive pre-approval for the internship, as indicated by a signature at the bottom of the internship agreement, you may not receive credit for the internship. You must be registered for the appropriate internship course at the same time you are completing the internship. Tuition fees apply.