Internship Course Options

There are four separate discipline-specific internship courses currently offered at the College of General Studies: LCJS 1900, PUBSRV 1900, CGS 1900, and NPHS 1900. CGS student interns register for the internship course designated for their program.

LCJS 1900 - Administration of Justice / Legal Studies / Law, Criminal Justice and Society

Faculty sponsor / Course Instructor: Poppi Ritacco, Administration of Justice, Legal Studies, LCJS Coordinator |

Formerly: ADMJ 1900 Pre-Service Internship (replaced by LCJS 1900 effective Spring 2022)

Internship hours required: 120

PUBSRV 1900 - Public Service / Non-Profit Management Certificate

Faculty sponsor/course instructor: Carol Balk |

Internship hours required: 120

CGS 1900 - Media and Professional Communications & all other CGS programs

Faculty sponsor/course instructor: Mark Burdsall | 412-624-8038 | 

Internship hours required: 120

NPHS 1900 - National Preparedness and Homeland Security Certificate

Faculty sponsor/course instructor: Carry Balaban or Kenneth Sochats | or

Internship hours required: 150