Returning Student Application

Returning and Continuing Students (previously enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh):

Seeking to complete a bachelor's or second bachelor's degree already begun in the College of General Studies and have not taken coursework elsewhere during your absence:

Submit our online application to be reinstated to your CGS program.

Seeking to complete a bachelor's or second bachelor's degree already begun in CGS and have taken coursework elsewhere during your absence: 

Submit a transfer student application through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Seeking to complete a bachelor's degree begun at the University of Pittsburgh, but not in the College of General Studies: 

Contact the school where you were last enrolled about being reinstated. After that process is complete, you may apply as an internal transfer if you wish to pursue a CGS program.

Completed a bachelor's degree at the University of Pittsburgh and seeking a second bachelor's degree through the College of General Studies: 

Fill out and submit an application online directly to the College of General Studies. 

Additional Information for Second-Degree Students

Students who are interested in pursuing a second degree must complete all CGS degree and major requirements. These may be completed by combining CGS courses with transfer credits from previous academic course work.

For the second degree, students must complete a minimum of 30 credits in CGS, including at least half of the credits required for the new major (15–18 credits depending on the major).

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