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Health Services (BA)

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“The healthcare and social assistance industry is projected to create about 28 percent of all new jobs created in the U.S. economy by 2020. This industry—which includes public and private hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and individual and family services—is expected to grow by 33 percent, or 5.7 million new jobs.”
—U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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The health services major is an interdisciplinary course of study designed to prepare students to work in health care. The program analyzes the structure of the health care industry; identifies cultural, legal, and environmental factors that impact health; and provides students with communication and management skills.

Students choose one of two fields:

  • Managing health services programs and projects gives students key administrative and business skills, with an emphasis on grant and research project management.
  • Community health assessment provides skills to assess the physical, social, and environmental factors influencing health behaviors.

A minimum total of 120 credits is required for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in health services. Of this total, the major consists of three credits of prerequisite course work and 33 credits of core and specialization courses. The remaining credits for the degree are outlined on the Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree information sheet.

This major has a computer competency requirement: Students may take PUBSRV 0040, "Public Service Technologies," to fulfill the prerequisite course work.  Check with an academic advisor for information about other options.  

A. Core Courses: 15 credits

Course NumberTitleCredits
NUR 1829Contemporary Issues in Cross-cultural Health Care3
HRS 1017Introduction to Epidemiology3
COMMRC 1730Special Topics: Health Communication3
SOC 0477Medical Sociology3
PUBSRV 1305Health, Law, and Ethics3

B. Specialization Fields: 18 credits

Students take a total of two required courses and four elective courses. Check with an academic advisor for course availability and additional elective options.

1. Managing Health Services Programs and Projects

Required, choose two:

Course NumberTitleCredits
BUSERV 1915Introduction to Management3
HRS 1009 or BUSORG 1020 or COMMRC 1102Organizational Theory and Behavior or Organizational Behavior or Organizational Communication
PUBSRV 1315Managing Projects and Contracts3

Electives, choose four:

Course NumberTitleCredits
AFRCNA 1710African American Health Issues3
ANTH 1761Patients and Healers3
COMMRC 1106Small Group Communication3
ECON 0220Introduction to Health Economics3
ENGCMP 1400Grant Writing3
HIM 1455/1465Quality Management and Lab3
HIST 1090History of Medicine and Health Care (Honors)3
HIST 1706Global Pharmaceuticals3
HPS 0612Mind and Medicine3
NROSCI 0081Drugs and Behavior3
PUBSRV 1110Financial Management in the Public Sector3
PUBSRV 1120Human Resources Management in the Public Sector3
PHIL 1360Biomedical Ethics3

2. Community Health Assessment

Required, choose two:

Course NumberTitleCredits
NUR 1765Risk Factors and Health3
SOC 1450Health and Illness3
PUBSRV 1310Diversity Issues in Public Service3

Electives, choose four:

Course NumberTitleCredits
AFRCNA 1710African American Health Issues3
COMMRC 0530Interpersonal Communication3
ECON 0220Introduction to Health Economics3
HIST 1090History of Medicine and Health Care3
HIST 1706Global Pharmaceuticals3
HPS 0613Morality and Medicine3
REHSCI 1018Survey of Health and Rehabilitation Professions2
NROSCI 0081Drugs and Behavior3
NUR 1634International Health Care Field Study3
NUTR/HRS 1006Introduction to Human Nutrition3
PUBHLT 1001Introduction to Global Health3
PUBHLT 1002Special Topics in Global Health3
PUBSRV 1100Practices in Public Administration3
PUBSRV 1200Practices of Nonprofit Organizations3
PSY 1215Health Psychology3
PSY 1230Psychology of Death and Dying3
PSY 1255Principles of Behavior Modification3
PSY 1235Alcohol Use and Abuse3
REHSCI 1290Practical Issues in Disability3

Requirements subject to change. Check with an academic advisor before registering.

An internship is available through the College of General Studies. Please see your advisor for additional information. Please see the Graduate School of Public Health Web site for information on early admission programs.