Online Learning Services and Resources

Students taking online courses are University of Pittsburgh students in every way, and have access to all the same services and resources. However, some of these resources are particularly helpful for web-based classes.

University Resources for Online Learners

University Library System

Our libraries are equipped with an extensive online collection of books, journal articles, and databases, as well as tutorials and guides to help you complete your research successfully, find your e-reserves, or accomplish other course-related work.  

Virtual Tutoring Services

As a CGS student, you  have free and full access to Pitt tutoring resources and services, including the University's excellent Math Assistance Center, Writing Center, and Study Lab. Visit also the Pitt TutorOcean website for further information on the new platform for tutors available at the university.


CGS Online courses may require proctored testing. This is available at the University of Pittsburgh Testing Center located in G-33 Cathedral of Learning, as well as some other facilities. For more information, please call the Testing Center at 412-624-7215 or visit their website.

Disability Resources

The College of General Studies is committed to helping students with disabilities to attain their educational goals. For example, CGS Online courses provide transcripts and summaries to accompany any audio instructor presentations.  Learn more about the services and resources offered to online students through the University’s Office of Disability Services and Resources.  


CGS Online students are expected to follow all the policies and standards of the University of Pittsburgh. Please consult your school’s Student Handbook or Bulletin and make sure to read your instructor’s syllabus and other course materials carefully. CGS students: visit CGS Policies.