Legal Studies Minor

Minor Requirements

Current Pitt students interested in a CGS minor, rather than a major, in legal studies should apply for the minor by completing the CGS minor/certificate application form online. If you are a CGS student interested in adding this minor, please contact your CGS advisor.

In order to complete the minor, you will take five LEGLST courses (15 credits) with at least three courses from the University of Pittsburgh. A 2.0 average is required in the minor.

Flexible Format

Many CGS programs offer a blend of face-to-face and flexible online class formats, all designed to meet our students' needs and schedule constraints.

Online courses are marked with (Web) or (Hybrid). Courses offered in both face-to-face and online formats are marked with (F2F and Web) or (F2F and Hybrid). Courses with no indicator are offered face-to-face only.

Visit CGS Courses to learn more about our flexible offerings and how to search for classes in the course catalog.

Core Requirements: (3 credits)

The following course is required.

Catalog Number Title Credits
LEGLST 0080 Introduction to Legal Studies (F2F and Web) 3

Electives: (12 credits)

Choose four courses from the list of approved electives.

Catalog Number Title Credits
ADMJ 1225 The Juvenile Justice Process (F2F and Web) 3
LEGLST 0020 Public Law and Moral Reasoning 3
LEGLST 0200 Race, Class, Gender, and the Law (available as of Fall 2021) 3
LEGLST 1140 Introduction to Criminal Law (F2F and Web) 3
LEGLST 1141 Introduction to Criminal Procedure (F2F and Web) 3
LEGLST 1150 Lawyers and the Legal Profession 3
LEGLST 1152  Legal Issues in Public Service 3
LEGLST 1155  Law and Social Change 3
LEGLST 1210 / PS 1213 Law and Politics (Hybrid, available as of Fall 2021) 3
LEGLST 1230 Psychology and the Law (F2F and Web) 3
LEGLST 1260  Law, Literature, and Cinema 3
LEGLST 1315 Sex, Law, and Marriage 3
LEGLST 1318 Separation, Divorce, and Custody 3
LEGLST 1320 Law and Environment  3
LEGLST 1325 Consumer Law 3
LEGLST 1326 Globalization and Law 3
LEGLST 1327 International Law 3
LEGLST 1340 Introduction to Civil Rights 3
LEGLST 1355 Emerging Issues in Legal and Social Policy 3
LEGLST 1410 Introduction to Legal Research (Web) 3
LEGLST 1430 Trial Advocacy 1 (Honors)  3
LEGLST 1435 Trial Advocacy 2 (Honors) 3
ADMJ 1900 Pre-Service Internship (Hybrid) 1-6
LEGLST 1901 Independent Study 1-6


Wesley Hiers, PhD
Director, Administration of Justice & Legal Studies Programs
2203 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
University of Pittsburgh