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Student Spotlight: Jacqui Sieber

Meet Jacqui Sieber, a senior majoring in media and professional communications with a digital media and professional writing certificate and a minor in music. Her dream is to become a successful personality that can connect her community to the world. On campus, she is a tour guide for Pitt Pathfinders and one of the leaders at WPTS Radio. She also has a show on WPTS titled “United We Jam” where she looks into music genres that originated in the states. Lastly, she is the Humanities Media Fellow for the University of Pittsburgh’s English Department and WPTS Radio. Her podcast “Backbone” highlights essential workers during the pandemic. She believes that hot dogs are sandwiches.

Photo Courtesy of Jacqui Sieber | December 2020

We recently interviewed Jacqui to learn more about her experience at Pitt and CGS. You can listen to Jacqui's podcast Backbone here.

Q: Why did you choose Pitt?

For starters, I am a proud Pittsburgher! I’ve always envisioned myself going to Pitt one day; when I got my acceptance letter my senior year of high school I felt on top of the world!  Growing up, I saw Pitt as a school that valued academic excellence and a global curriculum. Anyone from around the world can call Oakland home! Also, I’m all about the Cathedral of Learning.

Q: Why did you choose your CGS major and how does it relate to your future plans?

At age 12, I knew I wanted to be a personality for a show. Prior to Pitt, I participated in multiple activities that helped me improve my confidence with my speech impediment. Media and Professional Communications could not have been better for me. This major gave me the skills and insight needed for the media industry as well as several connections on and off campus. If it weren’t for CGS, I would not have been able to have an internship at a radio promotion agency in London. My plan is to become the host of my very own show one day. My dream show would be discovering America’s music genres and the people behind them. I don’t know if I’ll be able to land my show on a major network or station just yet, but I know that I will love every minute of it. Aside from that I hope to live on a farm and take care of rescue animals!

Q: What keeps you busy outside of classes?

I am a part of Pitt Pathfinders and WPTS Radio! Pathfinders allows me to practice my public speaking skills as well as my cheesy jokes (they land 60% of the time!). I am an assistant station manager in charge of the outreach branch. I make PSAs and KTs and do my best creating relationships with organizations on and off campus!

Outside of school and offline, I like to make art and walk my dog! I make snazzy earrings when I can, I recently made mini book earrings.

Q: What have been some of your greatest accomplishments and/or challenges here at Pitt?

I would say my time at Pitt was enjoyable. My biggest accomplishment is my podcast “Backbone” being featured on Pitt’s weekly newsletter and official twitter page, that was wild!

For challenges, I would say learning how to manage my time better. I love to do a lot of activities, so it’s important to find balance between school and hobbies!

Q: Do you have any advice for your fellow Pitt students?

My advice for Pitt students is to never give up on your dreams. Nothing is impossible; I learned that the key to inching closer to your dreams is to be honest with yourself and always maintain a positive, can-do attitude. 

Nothing will come easy; you must work for everything you do. There are times where you feel like the dream seems further away than expected, but do not let that slow you down. Challenge yourself everyday-- whether it’s emailing a local station or promoting your podcast-- nothing will happen unless you push yourself. You are your biggest fan, believe in yourself.