Fall 2023 New & Trending Online Courses

The College of General Studies, in partnership with the academic departments, is excited to announce the following courses in new, online formats - asynchronous or hybrid. 
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GER 0102-7310  Beginning German 2
Instructor: Ulrike Malandro
Class size: 20 students
Frequency: Fall
Class Format: Hybrid (scheduled synchronous meetings)

This is the second part of our elementary language course sequence. In these proficiency-oriented courses students begin to learn how to communicate in German.

The course emphasizes all four skills - speaking, listening, reading, and writing - and introduces students to the culture of the German-speaking countries.

Students will be working towards the A2-level of the Common European Framework of Reference. Students should plan to take either German 0103 or German 0203 during the following semester.

What does this course count for in CGS: Major - Liberal Studies BA (self design); General Education Second Language Requirement  

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PUBSRV 0050-7510  Ethics & Accountability
Instructor: Marita Garrett
Class size: 25 students
Frequency: Fall / Spring
Class Format: Web / Asynchronous (no scheduled meetings)

This course is an undergraduate course offered through the Public Service major by the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. It will be an introduction to Ethics and Accountability and will focus on enhancing the capacity of students to make difficult and necessary ethical choices on the basis of limited information and frequently conflicting values.

The purpose of this course is that in their personal lives and future roles as professionals in a chosen field, students will face moral and unethical dilemmas that resist easy answers or a simpler formula and action.

What does this course count for in CGS: Majors - Public Service BA and Liberal Studies BA (self design); Minor - Public Service; Certificate - Leadership

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PUBSRV 1230-7510  Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations
Instructor: David Coplan
Class size: 25 students
Frequency: Fall / Spring
Class Format: Web/ Asynchronous (no scheduled meetings)

This course provides students an overview of fundraising, including the size and scope of the nonprofit sector and the sources of money available, as well as a brief introduction to the most common fundraising strategies, the role of the board, and planning and budgeting for fundraising.

The course is designed for people exploring fundraising as a career as well as people who wish to work in other capacities in nonprofit organizations and want to understand fundraising.

The course is also appropriate for people who intend to serve on boards or to volunteer for nonprofit organizations.

What does this course count for in CGS: Majors - Public Service BA and Liberal Studies BA (self design); Minor - Public Service; Certificate - Nonprofit Management

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RELGST 1521-7510  Asian Religion Perspectives on Bioethics
Instructor: Margarita Delgado Creamer
Class size: 20 students
Frequency: Fall
Class Format: Web / Asynchronous (no scheduled meetings)

This is a comparative course whose main goal is to analyze and contextualize different Asian religious perspectives on bioethical issues. 

Students will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of key concepts in bioethics and the ethics of religious traditions of Asia and describe and analyze how religions have helped shape people’s views of the human condition. 

They will also formulate well-grounded arguments about bioethical issues from the perspective of Asian religions and articulate some of the key ethical concerns of Asian religious traditions vis-à-vis biomedical and biotechnological developments.

What does this course count for in CGS: Major - Liberal Studies BA (self design); General Education Cross-Cultural Awareness Requirement  

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URBNST 0506-7510  Planning Process
Instructor: Chihuangji (Herbert) Wang
Class Size: 20 students
Frequency: Fall / Spring
Class Format: Web / Asynchronous (no scheduled meetings)

This course introduces the practice of urban planning, focusing on the opportunities and challenges of professional planning in Pittsburgh's metropolitan region. The course focuses on how planning processes and methods can address different urban needs.

Students will engage with guest speakers and plans that illustrate approaches to land use, zoning, transportation planning, placemaking, public health, and sustainability.

On completion, students will concisely and effectively communicate findings and recommendations and develop practical solutions to their professional, urban plans.

What does this course count for in CGS: Majors - Health Services BA and Liberal Studies BA (self design); Certificates - Community Health Assessment and Leadership 

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