Closed Class and Special Approval for CGS Class Sections

Permission to Enter a Closed CGS Course

Due to the high demand of CGS courses, many course sections fill early in registration and become closed to further enrollment. However, some seats are reserved exclusively for CGS students in these sections.  If a class is full and/or the only available seats are restricted to students in CGS, it is crucial that students add themselves to the wait list as early as possible. By adding yourself to a wait list, you agree that if a spot becomes available to you once the reserved seat restrictions are lifted, you will be automatically enrolled in the class. Please note the following reserved seat restrictions release dates:

Fall semester: August 1, 12:00 AM

Spring semester: December 1, 12:00 AM

Summer semester: April 1, 12:00 AM

Consent to register for a closed course/section prior to the official reserved seats lift dates listed above may be granted only under extenuating circumstances such as documented health reasons, study abroad, and/or life-changing events. Scheduling conflicts or desiring a different format (face-to-face or online) are not considered compelling reasons. Graduating CGS seniors may be given priority consideration if they and their CGS advisor have determined that the course is essential to completing their graduation requirements in the semester listed on their graduation application.

If you believe that your case warrants special consideration, please submit your request via the online Permission Number Request Form below. Please note:

  1. We will not accept permission number requests via the telephone. Please use our online form instead.
  2. We can only review/approve permission number requests for courses offered by CGS. For course sections offered by other departments, please contact the appropriate department.
    • Not sure what classes are offered by CGS? See our CGS Courses webpage for detailed instructions on how to search for CGS classes in the catalog.
  3.  Due to fire safety regulations, permission numbers cannot be approved once course enrollment in face-to-face course sections has reached room seating capacity.
  4. Filling out the form incorrectly or incompletely may result in processing delays. Make sure that you complete all required information on the form and provide the reason for your request and faculty authorization.
  5. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for your request to be processed by CGS Academic Affairs. Once your request has been processed, you will be notified via email of the status of the decision.
  6. Faculty authorization does not guarantee that a permission number will be granted.

Special Approval for CGS Class Sections

In addition to requesting admittance to closed/full sections, use the Permission Form (link below) if you need a special approval such as:

Requisite Overrides

Request a requisite override if you have not completed the pre- or co-requisites for a class, or if you are transferring credits to satisfy requirements.
Required documentation: faculty and/or department authorization.

Career Override

Request a career override if you are a graduate student enrolling in an undergraduate closed CGS class, or one with restricted seats.
Required documentation: email from graduate advisor and/or faculty authorization for closed classes.

Faculty and/or Department Consent

Request consent if you are enrolling in a restricted class such as an internship, independent study, or specific program only.
Required documentation: faculty authorization.

Please note:

  1. Each override request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and as such it may or may not be approved. Seats for CGS students are given priority.
  2. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for your request to be processed by CGS Academic Affairs.
  3. You will be notified via email when a decision is made.

 Forms and Links

Step 1: Faculty or Department Authorization Form (fillable pdf) Please download the form to your computer and fill it out in Adobe Reader off-line. Please do not fill the form out in your Internet browser as you may easily lose any entered data. Complete the top section of the form, re-save the form, and forward to the course instructor or respective academic department to obtain their authorization. Once completed, please submit to CGS Academic Affairs via the Permission Number Request online form.

Step 2: Permission Number Request Form (link) Please fill out our online form and attach the completed faculty and/or department authorization form. Attached blank or incomplete authorization forms missing the faculty signature will result in delays or automatic denial of your request. 

Late Add

You cannot use the online CGS Permission Number Request form if you are requesting to add a course after the add/drop period. You will need to complete a special Late Add form and obtain approval from your Dean's Office.

  • CGS students, please contact the CGS Front Desk for further instructions.
  • Students belonging to schools other than CGS should see their Dean's Office for their process. If authorized by your Dean's Office, please contact to obtain a permission number for CGS class sections.