Placement Assessments

CGS Online Writing Placement Assessment

The College of General Studies’ Online Writing Placement Assessment is available to incoming CGS students who do not have SAT or ACT writing scores. This assessment is an essay-based exam written in response to one of two prompts. Results of the assessment will help advisors determine which ENGCMP course their new students should be enrolling in. 

Students without valid scores will be identified upon acceptance to CGS and notified of their eligibility to take the assessment, available online via the University of Pittsburgh Blackboard Learning Management System, or may be taken in person upon request. At their first advising meeting, students will have the opportunity to learn more about the assessment process from their advisor and decide whether they would like to take the writing assessment, and in what format. Students who do not complete the assessment will be placed automatically in ENGCMP 0150 Workshop in Composition.

Online Math Placement Assessment >>

If students plan to take a math course such as Math 0120, Math 0125, Math 0200, Math 0220 or Math 0400, they must take the placement assessment. Exceptions apply. Click the link above to visit the Department of Mathematics website for more detailed information.

Online and On-Campus Language Placement Assessments >>

The online French, German, Italian and Spanish assessments are administered through the WebCAPE system. On-Campus Placement Assessments are available for Music Theory, Portuguese, Russian and Latin. Click the link above for more information.