Humanities (BA)

As a humanities major, you have the opportunity to take a multidisciplinary approach to your studies by pairing coursework from departments as diverse as Africana studies, classics, English, linguistics, music, philosophy, religious studies, and theater arts. And if you are thinking of pursuing a certificate or a Master of Arts in the School of Education, explore our pre-education option, which offers excellent preparation for admission to graduate studies.


Students must earn a minimum of 120 credits for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in humanities. Of this total, students must take a minimum of 36 credits (approximately 12 courses) according to the specifications below. All courses taken must be humanities related. See our General Education program page for the remaining degree requirements.

Humanities students select from two tracks:

Standard (Multidisciplinary) Track

The Standard track can be customized to meet your interests and personal or career goals. You will choose to concentrate in three areas from the list below and have the opportunity to take a variety of courses within those areas of study.

Choose a minimum of 36 credits (approximately 12 courses) from any three departments/programs. 

Program Notes:

  • At least 15 credits (five courses) must be taken from one department, and at least nine credits (three courses) must be taken from each of the two other departments.
  • At least half of the courses taken for the major must be upper-division (1000-level) courses.
  • All courses selected for the humanities major must be approved by an academic advisor.
  • An internship program is available through the College of General Studies. Please see an advisor for additional information.
  • Flexible Format: Many CGS programs offer a blend of face-to-face and flexible online class formats, all designed to meet our students' needs and schedule constraints. When considering what subjects to study in the Humanities Standard track, see our PDF list of courses

Program Planning Checklist:

Use the Standard (Multidisciplinary) Track checklist (PDF) to plan and track your progress in the major.

Pre-Education Track

The humanities degree also offers a pre-education option, designed in partnership with the School of Education. This option is ideal for students interested in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) or Professional Year (PY) programs. In the pre-ed option, you’ll take 36 credits (approximately 12 courses), consisting of a core special education course and a variety of English, writing, film, and literature courses that will help you prepare for English teacher certification or graduate education. Completion of the prerequisites for the School of Education does not guarantee acceptance to the program. 

Program Notes:

  • At least half of these courses must be at the 1000 level.
  • You are encouraged to participate in an internship during your degree program and may fulfill some CGS general education and major requirements by completing a study abroad program. 
  • All courses selected for the pre-education track must be approved by an academic advisor.

Program Planning Checklist:

Use the Pre-Education (English) Track checklist (PDF) to plan and track your progress in the major.


Put what you’ve learned in class into action by completing an internship at a location that matches your interests; we’ll help you find an opportunity that fits with your already busy schedule. Humanities students enroll in CGS 1900 Choosing Your Path Internship. Learn more about internships »

Global Experiences / Study Abroad

Humanities graduates are attractive to employers because of their breadth of knowledge and critical thinking. Expand that worldview by studying abroad. Our short-term programs are a perfect option for working adult students. Explore study abroad opportunities  »

Need Advising for This Program

Requirements are subject to change. Check with a CGS academic advisor before registering.