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Ron Idoko, CGS Instructor

“CGS students tend to approach their work with a sense of urgency,” says instructor Ron Idoko. “They’re inquisitive. They follow up on things. They’re engaged and eager to apply their learning immediately. It’s like, ‘now that I have this understanding, how can I use what I know.’ It’s awesome to have that energy in the classroom.” 
Ron, the Diversity and Multi-Cultural Program Manager in the University of Pittsburgh’s Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, teaches “Diversity Issues in Public Service,” a course that fulfills requirements in the College’s Public Service and Media and Professional Communications degree tracks.
“The underlying theme of the course is how do I make change for the good. How do I engage civil society and public administration to move an equity agenda forward? Some of our adult students have been doing activist work forever—they’re very deep in their industries. And I learn from them—we share perspectives,” says Ron. “More than ever, we need people involved in their communities, invested in social equity and policy change.”
Ron’s students—whether they are new to organizing and activism or veteran change makers—inspire him. 
“When it comes to learning to improve yourself, your community, your family situation? We all are in a position to expand our knowledge at any time. We should cherish the opportunity to learn and not let any personally constructed barriers get in our way. These students are taking that opportunity—we all should.”