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General Education Requirements

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General Education Requirements (GERs) provide you with an opportunity to discover interests you never knew you had, all while earning credits toward graduation. And, no matter what your future holds, be it a career or grad school, GERs prepare you by emphasizing skills employers want (like critical thinking, problem solving, written and oral communication) and giving you the opportunity to become more aware of our increasingly diverse and interconnected world.  

The College of General Studies provides a liberal arts and pre-professional education for undergraduate students that is grounded in scholarly excellence. Pitt offers you the knowledge, understanding, analytical tools, and communication skills you need to become perceptive, reflective, and intellectually self-conscious citizens within a diverse and rapidly changing world. GERs are at the core of our education.

Important Information

Our General Education Requirements changed for students entering as of Fall 2018 (2191) term. See the CGS General Education Requirements for Fall 2018 and afterward: CGS General Education Requirements AY19 (PDF).

Currently Approved General Education Courses for 2018-19 Academic Year

Because new courses are constantly being added, we encourage you to talk with your advisor and review the following documents to get the most up-to-date information about which courses fulfill which requirements.

General Education Course Catalog (PDF) 

Oral and Professional Communication Requirement Courses (PDF) for CGS students only

Non-Dietrich School General Education Courses (PDF) for CGS students only

Note:  If you were admitted to the College of General Studies prior to Fall 2018 (2191) term, your General Education Requirements are listed here. See also the CGS Comprehensive Course List for courses that satisfy the old general education requirements.

Students who are interested in pursuing a second degree must complete all CGS degree and major requirements. These may be completed by combining CGS courses with transfer credits from previous academic course work.

For the second degree, students must complete a minimum of 30 credits in CGS, including at least half of the credits required for the new major (15–18 credits depending on the major).