Global Experiences / Study Abroad

College of General Studies students are encouraged to enrich their education with a global experience. Adding a global element to your degree sets you apart from the thousands of applicants employers get each year. You will also gain life-changing experiences, cross-cultural learning, and a greater sense of self-awareness and accomplishment.

You can earn credit toward your University of Pittsburgh degree through participation in either Pitt Panther, Pitt Partner, Pitt-Sponsored, Pitt-Exchange, or Pitt-recognized programs. The University offers a wide variety of study abroad options, from semester programs to short one-, three-, or five-week programs that can fit your busy schedule. The Global Experiences Office has more information about taking advantage of study abroad opportunities as an adult student.

Earn Academic Credit for Study Abroad

Approval for credit must be obtained before studying abroad. PITT's Global Experiences Office provides approval of study abroad programs and sites, and CGS Academic Affairs approves course selection and credits for your CGS academic program. Follow these steps to get your courses approved.

Enhance Your Degree With an International Internship

International internships provide you with excellent opportunities for gaining global, hands-on work experience while satisfying academic program internship requirements. Pitt’s Global Experiences Office can assist you in identifying and applying to overseas internships. The College of General Studies Academic Affairs office approves your for-credit internship for your CGS degree, major, minor, or certificate. Learn how to obtain CGS approval for your international internship.

Explore Ways to Fund Your Global Experience

There are various ways to fund your global experience, from financial aid and student loans to scholarships, grants, and more. Students interested in enrolling in a Global Experience are encouraged to contact the University’s Global Experiences Office for detailed information about funding options available to University of Pittsburgh students.

Featured Study Abroad Programs

As a Pitt student, you can go almost anywhere, and study for one, three weeks, or a semester. Check out our section featuring popular and new destinations for CGS students to study abroad and away.