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If you need special services related to registration, completing one of the forms below may be the first step in the process. These forms address some of the most common scheduling requests, but if you cannot find the form you need, visit the reception desk at the College of General Studies on the first floor of Wesley W. Posvar Hall, call us at 412-624-6600, or contact your advisor.

Adding and Dropping Classes

Once you have registered for classes, you can change your course schedule by adding or dropping courses through the on-line registration process. If, due to an extraordinary circumstance, such as a hospitalization, you must add or drop a class after the add/drop period (the first two weeks of fall/spring semester), you must first communicate with your advisor about your situation and also submit a written statement with documentation as to why you must add/drop a course after the deadline. Please be aware that this is only an appeal and it may or may not be granted.

Extended Drop Period

Under special circumstances, undergraduate students may be eligible to drop a course in the third week of the fall or spring semester, effective with the Spring 2018 semester. To view the full policy, visit the 2017-2018 Undergraduate University Catalog here.

Admission to a Closed or Restricted Class

A student may use this form to seek permission from a class instructor to be admitted to a closed or restricted class. You must obtain a permission number from the course department or the instructor of the class. Ask your academic advisor for more details.


Once you register for classes, you are liable for all costs incurred as a result of that registration. The add/drop form will be used to drop all your courses and eliminate financial charges up until the end of the add/drop period.

If you decide to drop all your classes after the add/drop period you must resign and your charges will be adjusted. Visit the Student Payment Center Web site at to learn the official resignation procedures. The date of your call, visit, or postmark will be the effective date of resignation and will determine the amount of financial liability. Telephone resignation service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students who do not go through a formal resignation process will be liable for 100% of the tuition charge.

You cannot resign or drop all your courses by completing an add/drop form after the add/drop period ends.

Resignation from all classes can occur between the end of the add/drop period and the 60th day of a term or 30th day of a session.

Withdrawal Form Instructions

You may withdraw from individual courses from the end of add/drop period through the end of the ninth week of a term, or the fourth week of a summer session, by completing a monitored withdrawal request. This form must be submitted to the College of General Studies, on the first floor of Wesley W. Posvar Hall. A W grade will be assigned to you. This grade will appear on your transcript but not affect your GPA, however you will be financially responsible for the courses you withdraw from. Please also be aware that withdrawing from courses may impact your eligibility for financial aid for the next academic term or year. If you have concerns, speak to your advisor and contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. After this period, withdrawal is permitted only in extraordinary circumstances with the permission of the associate dean.

Appeal for Late Withdrawal

To withdraw from a class after the monitored withdrawal and registration periods are over, you must submit an appeal for late withdrawal, which you may obtain at the College of General Studies front desk on the first floor of Wesley W. Posvar Hall. You must provide a written explanation of the extraordinary circumstances that warrant consideration of the withdrawal, and provide relevant documentation and evidence, such as hospital records. You will also need to obtain your instructor's signature. Please note that this is an appeal, and it is not guaranteed. If approved, a grade of W will be recorded, no tuition will be refunded, and no credit will be earned.


A student may withdraw from all classes for the term. The student's academic record will bear the grade W for each registered course for the term. This may only be done one time while registered as a College of General Studies student. Note that withdrawing from all classes may affect your financial aid for future terms and does not relieve you of your financial obligations to the University.