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Information Session with Special Agent Ryan Dunford
Friday, April 20
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
McCarl Center for Non-Traditional Student Success (1400 Posvar Hall)

Algebra Workshop - Wednesday, March 28th 2018
Wednesday, March 28
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
1400 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
LAE Criminal Justice Group Information Session
Friday, March 2
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
McCarl Center Conference Room, 1400 Posvar Hall

Attention Administration of Justice and Legal Studies Majors and Minors! The College of General Studies is seeking students to join the University of Pittsburgh’s Lambda Alpha Epsilon—Alpha Psi Omega Chapter. This is a national organization composed of individuals employed in the Criminal Justice System, as well as students who are taking a course of study in Administration of Justice and/or Legal Studies at an accredited college or university. Learn more and register at:

Academic Proficiency Testing (CAAP) October 2-20, 2017

Register here!

Google AdWords Workshop - January 2018

These workshops have been designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge in the digital media field and give them a competitive edge. 

Upcoming Workshop: Google Adwords (January5-6, 2018) 

Note: CGS seats for this workshop are limited to 8.

To apply for our grant and reserve your spot, click here: CGS Interest Application Form

Dean's Stars and Dean's List for Spring 2017 Term


The following CGS students are recognized as Dean's Stars for achieving a 4.0 GPA for the spring 2017 term:

Abigail Berringer Cody Gilbert Adryan Richardson
Christine Brashier Jeffery Gilbert Amanda Seim
Jordan Brewer Shannon Grady Dylan Shaffer
Allison Clarke Steven Johnston Jake Smerchansky
Kayla Coll Matthew Klaczak Sydney Smolenak
Adelle Collins Nicole Koster Eric Spiker
Steven Costello Samantha Levin Forbes Turley
Michael Dunn Taylor Marino Belinda Van Noorden
Elisabeth Estes Andrew Maza Kaushik Venkatesh
Ann Fahey Catherine Pressimone Amber Ward
Madelyn Fell Lorenzo Riboni  

The following CGS students are recognized for achieving a 3.50 or better GPA for the spring 2017 term:

Sarah Adelsberg Ashlee DiDomenico Abigail Kineston Lorenzo Riboni
Jared Aiello Alejandra Dixon Matthew Klaczak Thomas Rice
Kira Akana Natalija Djordjevic Ashley Koehler Adryan Richardson
Alexis Albensi Michael Dunn Robert Koehler Emily Roser
William Alford Daniel Edgar Nicole Koster Michael Ross
Jerilyne Almonte Elisabeth Estes Sarah Krause Margaux Ruh
Marie Anderson Christopher Fagan Joshua Lawrence Arielle Russo
Andrew Arslanpay Ann Fahey Tiffany Lee Mohammad Sajjad
Shane Asman Madelyn Fell Sarah Leporace Gabrielle Scherer
Angela Balya Nathaniel Flick Sara Lessem Abigail Scurfield
Katelyn Bartus Hannah Franzak Samantha Levin Amanda Seim
Samantha Bastress Amanda Gamwo Shelby Loughner Madison Serio
Paige Beck Maria Genitsaridi Sydney Lukus Jessica Sevcik
Stephanie Bergan Cody Gilbert Rosanna Ma Dylan Shaffer
Nicholas Bernstein Jeffery Gilbert Corey Mackenzie Anthony Siggia
Abigail Berringer Riley Gillespie Christopher Mangogna Ashleigh Simpson
Samantha Blue Kelsey Glatts Roberta Marcelin Jake Smerchansky
Kevin Boylan Aaron Gould Olivia Marconi Amber Smith
Madison Brannon Shannon Grady Taylor Marino Sydney Smolenak
Karlie Brasch George Gray Kristin Markitell Samantha Sostorecz
Christine Brashier Olivia Greendyk Luke Maxson Eric Spiker
Aaron Bresnick Adam Grobart Alina Maysterchuk Ali Stahr
Jordan Brewer Phoebe Gutt Andrew Maza Andrew Staiger
Katherine Brewer Lauren Gutterman Jesse McCormick Sarah Stein
Mia Bristol Callum Hamilton Siobhan McDonough Max Steinbugl
Courtney Bruch Sarah Hampton Briana McGee Gabriella Summa
Lauren Butler Annabelle Hanflig Tiffany McGinnis Kathryn Tadduni
Alexandra Campbell Casey Harewood Laura McGowan Michael Thomas
Lillian Cannon Macy Harper Mitchell McGowan Domenique Tripoli
Khoisnam Chanu Caroline Hess Samyuktha Melachuri Damien Truschel
Brianna Chicarelli Caitlin Holmes Jennifer Mikitka Joshua Tulaney
John Chutz Allyson Hoover Jessica Morris David Tulin
Jasmine Clark Kevin Hudson Carly Muenzer Forbes Turley
Joanna Clark Alaina Hughes Asa Nelson Emily Uihlein
Allison Clarke Kristen Hunninen Daniela Nestory Belinda Van Noorden
Olivia Coho Ruba Idris Lauren O'Brien Kaushik Venkatesh
Brisa Colaizzi Mahnoor Imran Kaitlin O'Donnell Maria Wachira
Kayla Coll Matilda Izevbigie Esosa Ohonba Jessie Wallace
Adelle Collins Marc Jacobson Katelyn Osborne Cassidy Walsh
Natalie Condo Ciera James Carly Paulison Mark Walters
John Conley Allison Jensen Manuel Pazos Amber Ward
Christopher Connell Evan Johnson Emily Pembridge Jaime Weinreb
Emma Cooley Kathleen Johnson Kristine Pierce Connor Weiss
Steven Costello Steven Johnston Julia Pines Rachel Wellington
Caroline Coyle Hannah Jones Jason Piskurich Melissa White
Madeline Cree Olivia Jwanier Alisha Pond Kara Whitmyer
Emmaline Cushey Rachel Kaffey Benjamin Powell Dominique Wilson-White
Joseph Decoto Syed Kaleem Catherine Pressimone Timothy Wojtaszek
John Denis James Karsh Samantha Pugh Ashley Yeboah-Afihene
Reagan Devine Joshua Karwoski Emily Pullman Daniel Youngs
Justin Diamond Amy Kelly Erika Reichert Kieran Zajac
Scratch Workshop

Tutoring Center Reopens for Summer on May 15

Publications/Public Relations Intern Opportunity at Pitt's Global Studies Center

Attention Media and Professional Communications Majors,

Pitt’s Global Studies Center (GSC) seeks an intern (graduate or undergraduate), for the fall semester (fall 2017), who will help with the various publicity, publications, and social/digital media produced by the Center. The intern will have the opportunity to create social media posts, write and edit public relations copy, and produce digital and hard-copy publicity materials for a variety of events, all with an international and educational focus. As the GSC intern, the student will also attend innovative events to gather content and interview people for articles, which will be featured in GSC publications.

The internship position will require excellent written and oral communication skills, with an emphasis on writing in a consistent voice and tone reflective of GSC’s mission, to better promote and bring awareness to our multi-faceted goals. Interns will also be required to have knowledge of creating online content for social media and websites, along with an understanding of how to write public relations copy for a variety of audiences and purposes and to design eye catching and innovative fliers. Ideally, the GSC intern will also have a working knowledge of Adobe InDesign and SEO (search engine optimization), though these skills are not required. The internship will require 10-15 hours per week and students can earn 3 credits if they take the corresponding internship course or they can receive tuition remission.

Students are requested to go to to submit an application. (Please note the deadline has been postponed) and they should send links of their work or copies of flier created to Elaine Linn at

Math "Finals Review" Sessions