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EMT. Patient transporter. Physician. That is what Christina Hornak’s career path looks like, thanks to a Natural Sciences degree from the College of General Studies (CGS). Christina’s passion for helping others led her to a job in health care, but it is her premed-focused BS from CGS that is enabling her to fulfill her dream of being a doctor. 

Christina, who is heading to medical school in the summer of 2013, says “Coming to CGS not only provided me with an opportunity to get my education and provided me with resources while I was on campus, but connected me with professionals who were working in the spaces that I wanted to be in who could help me get to that next step.”

According to U.S. News and World Report, “…the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts net job growth of almost 3 million health care jobs in the decade ending in 2020, a 29 percent increase, beating every other group of occupations.” More employers in the health care industry are seeking candidates with a college education, which means more opportunities for people who have completed their bachelor’s degrees. Area employers like UPMC offer tuition benefits to help employees attain this goal. At CGS, we offer three health care-focused degree programs:

Health Services (BA)

Health Services (BS)

Natural Sciences (BS)

You can also continue your education, build valuable skills, and enhance your résumé by pursuing one of our Certificate programs, such as:

Community Health Assessment

Managing Health Services Programs and Projects

Nonprofit Management

What’s Next for You?

At CGS, we are invested in helping you get to what’s next in your health care career. To learn more, schedule a preadmission counseling appointment with Director of Recruitment and Enrollment by calling 412-624-6600. Request more information today! 


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Christina Hornack (CGS '13)
December 9, 2013