Faculty Handbook and Online Instructor's Guide

CGS Faculty Handbook

The College of General Studies Instructor’s Handbook is a one-stop resource document for CGS-affiliated instructors. It provides a brief overview of CGS and its programs, as well as a comprehensive list of our policies, procedures, expectations, and tips related to teaching at CGS.
We hope you will use the handbook to familiarize yourself with the resources available to support your teaching endeavors at CGS. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at the phone numbers or email addresses listed in the Handbook.


Inside This Handbook

CGS Overview: mission, programs, and students CGS Academic Affairs: What we do for you Policies and Procedures: Course Descriptions and Textbooks; Office Hours; Course Permissions; Low Enrollment and Course Cancellations; Class/Workshop Cancellations; Holiday Policy for Online Courses; Credit Hour Policy for Online Courses; Course Syllabus; Student Evaluations of Teaching (OMET); Grading; “G” Grades; Grade Change Request Forms; Academic Integrity Standards, and Academic Assessment. Campus Resources and Services: Testing Center, Identification Card (Panther Card) Appendix: CGS Course Syllabus Checklist, G Grade Form

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