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Talk to our Director of Recruitment and Enrollment about transferring to CGS @ Pitt. Check out our list of Transfer Days and Events to find out when we'll be in your area. Or, call 412-624-6600 today to schedule a one-on-one pre-admissions counselling appointment. 


The College of General Studies accepts most credits from the region's colleges and universities. A maximum of 60 credits may be accepted from community colleges and two-year junior colleges. A maximum of 90 credits may be accepted from four-year institutions. At least 50 percent of the credits required in the major and official minor must be earned in the College of General Studies. The minimum number of credits to graduate with an undergraduate degree at CGS is 120. 

The University of Pittsburgh generally accepts credits from institutions at which the applicant has received a grade of “C” or better in college-level coursework (not remedial) that corresponds to a course in our curriculum in content and credit value. Pass/Fail courses may be accepted for transfer credit if it can be documented that a “P” grade corresponds to a grade of “C” or better. To receive a University of Pittsburgh degree, you must complete, at a minimum, your last 30 credits at the University of Pittsburgh.

Successful candidates usually present a strong record of previous college study. The Transfer Credit/GPA Guidelines will give you an idea of what each school/college recommends. Meeting the guidelines does not guarantee admission, nor does failure to meet the guidelines preclude admission. Non-academic factors may also be considered if:

  • You are an adult student and/or a veteran
  • You have significant work-related experience
  • You possess particular outstanding talents

Community College Transfer Manuals and Credit Transfer Agreements

CGS works with community college leadership to make your transfer process as clear and smooth as possible. Our detailed transfer manuals and credit agreements (below) provide information about how the credits you have earned will transfer. For more specific information or for any questions, please contact a CGS advisor.

Transfer Manuals are lists of classes from a certain community college or school that are accepted by the college, and will help you to determine which courses will transfer to the College of General Studies. Transfer Credit Agreements are specific agreements between the schools listed and the College of General Studies administration of justice program, while the listed Dental Hygiene Articulation Agreements were established specifically for degree completion for licensed dental hygienists. If you are entering either the administration of justice or dental hygiene programs in the College of General Studies, use the agreements with your specific institution as a guideline for which classes transfer from your school and which do not.