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Pre-professional Programs

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No matter what’s next for you, CGS can help you get there.

Interested in engineering? Considering a career in teaching? Exploring a career in health care? At CGS, you can complete the prerequisite course work for several graduate and undergraduate programs offered by other Pitt schools, while taking advantage of the unique student services, flexible courses, and real-world experience that CGS provides.

Once you complete the prerequisites, you can apply to the school of your choosing and, once accepted, transfer the credits you earned at CGS toward your degree.* CGS’ academic advisors are well-versed in admission requirements for each of Pitt’s schools, and will work with you one-on-one to help you get to the next step.

To learn more, schedule a preadmission counseling appointment with Director of Recruitment and Enrollment by calling 412-624-6600. Request more information today! 

Complete prerequisite coursework for:

Business Administration

The College of Business Administration offers the bachelor’s degree in a variety of majors.  


Prepare to transfer into the bachelor degree programs offered through the School of Education. 


You can complete nearly half the requirements for your engineering degree at CGS, then apply to the School of Engineering to complete the degree. Mechanical and electrical engineering can be completed part-time with many late afternoon and evening classes, although some daytime classes and labs may be necessary. Full-time attendance during the day is required to complete the biochemical, chemical, civil, computer, industrial, and materials science programs.

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Programs offered through the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences provide preparation in clinical dietetics/nutrition, communication science, emergency medicine, health information management, and rehabilitation science. You can complete half the courses required for these degrees in CGS. You will need to attend full-time during the day to complete the degree. 

Information Science

Drawing on linguistics, mathematics, computer science, communications, behavioral sciences, and philosophy, this program is designed to develop the skills needed to work efficiently in information. You'll complete a minimum of 55 required credits in CGS and then apply to the School of Information Sciences to complete you degree.

Kennith P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

If the undergraduate major you desire is not available from CGS, you may apply for transfer to the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Contact a CGS academic advisor for details.


For more information in preparing for admission to the School of Nursing, call 412-624-4586.


Students intending to apply to the School of Pharmacy can take the equivalent of two years of preparatory courses in CGS before applying to the School of Pharmacy's full-time day program.

Social Work

You may complete 60 required credits in CGS before applying to the undergraduate program in the School of Social Work.

Contact us for more information. 


*Please note: Completion of the prerequisites does not guarantee admission into these programs, and admission may be competitive.