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Professors and instructors teaching for the College of General Studies come from seven undergraduate and professional schools across the University of Pittsburgh. CGS instructors include full-time faculty, regular part-time faculty, adjunct, graduate students, and professionals and leaders from throughout the greater Pittsburgh region.

Courses and schedules

Face-to-face classes typically meet once a week in the evenings to accommodate the schedules of working students, with classes usually capped at 35 students. In addition to evening face-to-face courses, the College also offers three types of online/distance education courses:

  • Web (fully online; includes weekly interactions and assignments);
  • Hybrid (online with weekly interactions and assignments, and one or more required on-campus workshops);
  • Self-Paced (limited online instruction and one to three on-campus workshops)

While CGS courses are primarily developed and scheduled to meet the academic needs of CGS students, they are open to all University of Pittsburgh students just as undergraduate courses throughout the University are open to College of General Studies students.*

*Academic requirements and restrictions differ by course. Students are encouraged to see their advisor for more information. 

Interested Faculty

Please note that courses offered by CGS are the curriculum of academic departments throughout the University of Pittsburgh. Consequently, academic departments vet, hire, and, working with CGS Academic Affairs, assign instructors to teach the sections offered by our college. Faculty interested in online teaching should demonstrate training and experience in online course instruction. Academic department contact information can be found at this link:

Academic Affairs Contact Information

Boryana Dobreva, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Programs

Leslie A. Hilliard
Program Assistant