College of General Studies

Teresa Lane, BA Social Sciences


Teresa Lane, BA Social Sciences

Teresa Lane is a College of General Studies Social Sciences major with a minor in Linguistics, and certificates in Latin America Studies as well as Global Studies. She wants to pursue a Master's and then a PhD as well.

During her Pitt experience, Teresa has used her resources and passion to help improve the lives of people in developing nations, more specifically the rural areas of South Africa. Pitt has one of the finest Latin America libraries in the country, and the global studies programs here are filled with vitality. What Teresa strives to achieve with her education is to go around the world and capture stories that are in endangered languages and preserve them before they are gone forever. She wants to work with indigenous elders, capture their oral histories and stories, and work with children to create the artwork. Together with this information and art, and modern technology, these ancient stories can be kept forever and shared around the world.

Teresa was awarded the prestigious Newman Award for International Intergenerational Project Initiatives for 2015. With this award, she traveled to Bolivia with the elders and children to create a trilingual book. In addition to her children's book, Teresa is raising funds to provide a library, repair a house, provide beds and stoves, and support medical and tutoring costs for families in need. She has previously traveled to Bolivia twice to visit children that she personally sponsors. All throughout her adult life, Teresa has been involved in humanitarian and human rights initiatives.

When asked what wisdom she would like to share with fellow students, Teresa responded: "Pursue your passion. You should love what you are doing and the program you are in. […] The most important thing is to be authentic – think your own thoughts, own your feelings, and trust your instincts. That isn’t only the best thing you can do for yourself, but it’s the best thing you can do for the world.” Finally, “surround yourself with people who will believe in you and support you.”