College of General Studies

CGS Student Ambassadors Program

If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together.   -African Proverb



About the CGS Student Ambassadors Program

The CGS Student Ambassador Program was established to assist nontraditional first-year and transfer students with their college transition by pairing them with an experienced CGS student who provides guidance and support throughout the new student’s first year. Our ambassadors seek to ease the transition for new students into CGS and the University culture.

The McCarl Center for Nontraditional Student Success

The CGS Student Ambassadors Program is offered by the McCarl Center for Nontraditional Student Success. The Center was established in 2000 to better meet the needs of students who are transferring from other colleges/universities, coming back to college after a number of years and/or starting college several years after high school.  These students are considered nontraditional because they are not attending the University immediately after high school. The center offers a number of services including: learning skills and academic success seminars; individual career counseling and career seminars; math tutoring; and a variety of student activities sponsored by the CGS Student Government. 

Purpose of the Program

Each term the CGS Student Ambassadors reach out to new students through e-mail, event attendance, and web announcements, encouraging these students to contact them individually if they have any questions or concerns about classes or other activities on campus. The purpose is to match incoming students with Student Ambassadors who will act as trusted guides and give them a reference point and opportunity to address the range of diverse perspectives and experiences that will impact and enhance their learning at the University. These include:

  • Supporting new students as they social contact and find their way around the Pitt campus.
  • Identifying various services and activities available to students on campus.
  • Helping new students to understand and navigate administrative and academic policies and procedures.
  • Empowering new students to feel like they are part of the CGS and University community.

Student Ambassador Events

Ambassadors also urge new students to become engaged on campus by joining them in a number of different skill development and academic success workshops regularly offered by the McCarl Center, as well as a number of social events and opportunities.

Who are the Student Ambassadors?

Student Ambassadors are continuing CGS students who applied to be ambassadors and completed a training program offered by the McCarl Center for Nontraditional Student Success. These ambassadors are committed to providing students with an engaging environment as they start their first semester. Our student ambassadors are unique in that they are all nontraditional students and will be able to relate to their students based on shared experiences both inside and outside the classroom.