College of General Studies

Rita Price, BA Administration of Justice

We met up with CGS student Rita Price to discuss her decision to attend the University of Pittsburgh and what she eventually wants to achieve with her degree in Administration of Justice with a concentration in Forensics.


Rita Price originally became interested in the University of Pittsburgh when her daughter was applying to colleges and they took a campus tour of Pitt. Both Rita and her daughter (who ended up attending Pitt) were extremely impressed by the school’s strong background in science, research, and technology.  Eventually, she ended up transferring to Pitt herself from the Community College of Beaver County.

As a junior Administration of Justice major with a concentration in Forensics, Rita’s choice of major came from a long personal history of abuse and concern for her own safety. The traumatic experiences of her past have since inspired her to pursue a career in forensics and criminal justice so she can help make others feel safe within her community. Rita also expressed that she wants to help put the true perpetrators of crimes behind bars and make sure that fewer people are being wrongly imprisoned. She noted that she thought the Administration of Justice major and the Forensics concentration both had practical and concrete applications that she thought would help with these career aspirations after graduating.

When asked about particular obstacles that she’s had to overcome since beginning school at the University of Pittsburgh, Rita claims that she’s found the age difference between her and her early 20’s peers somewhat difficult to navigate because the younger generation’s constant connection to technology has altered the way they communicate. Rita has also managed to pursue and thrive in her academic career throughout the past few years despite this obstacle.

We asked Rita if there was anything she would like to share with her fellow students. She advises Pitt students to keep open minds, communicate with each other more, and to be kind to one another. She believes that all Pitt students have the ability to do great things with the great resources they’ve been given.