College of General Studies

Jessica Sevcik, BA Media and Professional Communications

We met up with CGS Student Government President Jessica Sevcik to discuss her Pitt experience and her time as CGS. Jessica is a senior majoring in Media and Professional Communications.


Q: Why did you choose to attend Pitt?

A: I have always imagined myself attending the University of Pittsburgh. My grandfather attended school here and it just feels like home for some reason I can’t explain.

Q: Why did you choose your CGS major?

A: Media and Professional Communications was not my first major here at Pitt, but it seems to be a field that I have always been interested in. When I was accepted into Pitt in 2014 I registered as pre-engineering, but after a discouraging experience in Calc and Gen Chem I transferred to Business. My CGS advisor, Jessica Roscoe helped me realize what my strengths were and where my skills lied - which led me into Media and Professional Communications.

Q: What are some of your greatest accomplishments here at Pitt?

A: Getting into Pitt for me was an accomplishment. I was never a bad student, but I was also not at the top of my class. Aside from that, I am proud of myself for not allowing a failed class and the voices of nay-sayers discourage me from pursuing a degree.

Q: What activities have you been involved in?

A: CGS Student Government and all of the great things that the membership entails; events, workshops, volunteer activities, etc. Aside from that, I must have an organize schedule to time manage my school responsibilities with my work and internship schedules.

Q: Do you have any advice for your fellow Pitt students?

A: Take advantage of all of the many great resources, events, activities and more that the University of Pittsburgh has to offer. Take classes that you will enjoy and do not let a bad grade or one unsympathetic professor discourage you from achieving your goals. Enjoy your time here and make the most of it because it truly will be over in the blink of an eye.