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Pittsburgh Campus

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For students in Pittsburgh:

  • You must be a student in good standing at the University.
  • You must have completed at least 12 credits in your current program.
  • You must have completed college algebra or the equivalent.
  • You must have completed Seminar in Composition (ENGCMP 0200) or the equivalent.

If you meet these requirements, complete an Undergraduate Academic Program Change form at the campus you are attending or have attended and your records will be sent to the College of General Studies. Our admissions and enrollment staff will review your transcripts, and you will be notified about your academic status and of the number of credits that will transfer. 

For more information, contact us at the address below:

College of General Studies
1400 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Telephone:  412-624-6600
Fax:  412-624-5461